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Reinkarnacije legendarnih automobila starih nekoliko desetljeća u modernom izdanju i s električnim pogonom postale su jedan od glavnih načina kako proizvođači žele privući pozornost na svoja nova e-vozila. U tom

The Croatian Automobile Club presented a project to improve driving tests. The joint project of the Croatian Auto Club and the Ministry of the Interior has been successfully implemented from the beginning 2021. with the aim of better implementation of driving tests and…

We have known for some time that Norway is a world leader in electric car sales. The trend of increasing popularity of electric models in the far north of Europe we follow the least since 2018. years, When is it…


Driving exams are now being audiovisually recorded

The Croatian Automobile Club presented a project to improve driving tests. Zajednički projekt Hrvatskog autokluba i Ministarstva unutarnjih
It is time to regulate electric scooters

Car manufacturers discovered golden goose

EU expands list of mandatory safety equipment of new cars

On Wednesday 3. April begins a new round of share incentives for electric vehicles


MØBILIZE, a new brand dedicated to mobility and energy supply services

Mobilize is one of four business units launched under…
Končar sold the first trams outside Croatia

Kako je istaknuto u pogonu tvrtke na zagrebačkom Jankomiru prilikom
Scania AXL - autonomous truck of the future

After the Swedish manufacturer, best known for buses and trucks,…
Japan will before the Tokyo Olympics to allow the use of autonomous vehicles

According to Bloomberg, Japan before the next Olympic Games, that will…
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